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Modern Design

We design your virtual shop front to feel modern and fresh

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Save Time & Money

Once built, no need to rely on a developer, easily make edits yourself

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Rapid Development

Work completed in 8 weeks

...With Your Customers In Mind

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Fast Loading

Your pages are built light to load fast


Capture your audience and hold their attention

Easy To Navigate

Intuitive layout to provide an enjoyable journey

How It Works

You select a plan then our developers build you a professional WordPress website. The website is paid for over a period of one year with 12 monthly payments of $159. (You can also select 24 payments of $99.)

While you’re paying off the website you are still able to access the website, we just remain the owner of the domain.

Once the billing cycle is finished we transfer ownership of the website to you.


With A Difference

Our websites are built so that you or any of your staff can easily make changes to your site. This saves you time and money as you don’t need to rely on a developer.

“…we teach you how to edit your site…”

Once built, we teach you how to edit your site and create a tailored instructional video. Watch the following video exmple that shows how you can update your site in 1 minute.

Your website is your virtual shop front

First Impressions Count

Make the best impression with the best tools.

Built On WordPress

The world's most popular CMS

Our websites are built using WordPress which makes it simple for you to manage your site.

A very user-friendly CMS (content management system), WordPress offers great flexibility and options to deliver you a modern and professional website.

Created With Elementor

The #1 web creation platform for WordPress

We use the most advanced website builder to create your website pages and posts.

By using Elementor Pro, we are able to design captivating web pages that you can easily edit yourself.

Your Website Is An Investment

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$99 month

  • New WordPress website
  • Affordable payment plan
  • Billing period 24 months

Your package includes:





$159 month

  • New WordPress website
  • Most popular plan
  • Billing period 12 months

Your package includes:





  • New website or redesign
  • Customised package
  • Custom billing period

Your package includes:



We do the heavy lifting for you

it's easy to see results

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1. You contact us

We chat to understand your business.

2. We create your Website

We create a strategy and build your website.

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3. your website goes live

You start seeing results and we report on performance.

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Web Design Bunbury

Your website is your virtual shopfront so you want to make a good first impression and provide your customers with a positive experience.

Read on to discover how we design websites and the process we use to develop a website that meets your needs and more importantly, converts your visitors into customers.

Website Page Speed

The first step in creating a positive user experience is to have a website that loads fast. When we build your website, we ensure that it loads fast on both mobile and desktop.

Google Page Speed Insights

These are the results of a Google page speed test for our website. On mobile, it’s scoring 98 out of a hundred, and on desktop 99.

Core Web Vitals

When looking at the data, we can see that all of the metrics are in green showing a positive result.

The two most important metrics are indicated by the blue tags, the ‘Largest Contentful Paint’ and the ‘Cumulative Layout Shift’. Both of these are core web vitals, SEO ranking factors.

Website Design

The Use of Space

There are many factors that contribute to good website design. When we create your website, we consider many things including the use of space.

"...feels cheap..."

To illustrate why “space” is important, if you look at this shoe store, you can see that it feels cluttered and crowded. If you were to guess if this is a cheap or an expensive store, you would say it’s cheap.

"...a quality product..."

Now, on the other hand, if we look at a store that uses a lot of space, you’d say that this is a quality product, and it’s most likely expensive.

When we build your website, we create a lot of space, so that it’s an enjoyable experience. And it gives the sense that you sell or provide a quality service.

Text Layout

Easy To Read

It’s important that the text on your website is easy to read.

This chunk of text is difficult and the user will not want to read it.
It’s the same if the text is spread all the way across the screen. This is also very difficult.

To engage the user, text should be broken down into bite-size pieces with headings and images. This is much easier to read, and it’s likely that the user will read it compared to a big block of text.

Page Headings

Tell Your Story

We design the headings on a web page so the user can skim read what your product is, your unique selling points and understand the most important points that you’d like to convey.

Web design Bunbury image highlighting the use of headings

Content & Images

Relevant and believable

When we design your website, we ensure that all images and content are relevant.

One important consideration for the images is that they should be believeable.

We design the content so that it’s focused on your unique selling points to tell the user what’s great about your business and why they should engage with you.

Scrolling through this page illustrates how we do this.

Website Style & Feel

When we design the overall style of a website, we ensure that it matches the product or service.

Here you can see that the selection of fonts, the shape of the images, the colours, are all designed to project a certain image and an understanding within the user.

WordPress Websites

Beautiful Designs & Powerful Features

We build our websites using WordPress, which we believe is the best platform. Around 42% of the world’s websites are built using WordPress.

It comes with a lot of functionality and options that now enables you to have a great looking, professional website.


Easy To Use

To build your pages we use Elementor, an incredibly easy to use drag and drop page builder.

Once we’ve created your pages, we create videos that show you how to edit text or images or create a blog post. Everything is quite intuitive and very easy to learn.


Website Security

The security of your site is important so we install Wordfence on your site, which is a free plugin and allows you to add features such as two-factor authentication.

Updraft Plus

Website Backups

As a safety measure, we install updraft plus, which is a free plugin that takes backups of your site.

You can schedule this to happen daily, weekly, monthly, and then you’ll know that if anything ever happens to your site, you’ve got those backups that you can re-install.

Logo of Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Data Insights

Google Analytics is a great free tool that shows you where your traffic’s coming from, their behaviour, your conversions and so much more.

This tool provides a lot of website data and offers great insights. 

Website Package

Landing Pages

When we build your website, we can also create landing pages at the same time.

The difference between a web page and a landing page is that a landing page is designed to get a user to convert.

All navigation is removed and only call to actions remain. This helps to focus the user’s attention on completing the desired action.

Logo of Google

SEO & Google Ads

Along with creating landing pages, when we build your site, we can also SEO optimize your site, along with creating a Google Ads campaign.

By packaging everything together you’re able to save money and see results sooner.

Google Ads service logo for Digital Marketing Bunbury

Web Design Bunbury Cost

The Best Value For Money

When it comes to cost, we know we’re not the cheapest, but we do offer the best value for money.

We build our websites according to best practice and they’re created according to your needs.

We use a rapid website development process so you can have your website quicker.

In general, we create a website update in eight weeks and a brand new website from scratch in 12 weeks.

We also make sure that your customers are in mind when we build your website. We ensure the pages load fast, that they’re engaging and your website is easy to navigate.

We take the time to teach you how to edit your site so that once we’ve built it, you won’t need to go back to a developer to make any changes to things such as the text or images. We show you how to do it all.

We also show you how to create blog posts, and we create a tutorial video library tailored to your website. Therefore, no matter if it’s six months or a year from now, you’ll know how to make the changes.

The way we make websites benefits you.

So if you’d like a new site, then get in touch with us today.

Rapid Turnaround

Your Website completed in 8 weeks

We work fast so you see rapid results. Contact us so we can get started on your website today!

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