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Our Strong Points

We make small business better with:

1. Rock solid Google Ads that deliver quality traffic at the lowest price.

2. Accurate Google Analytics to measure and tweak performance.

3. Sophisticated SEO to move your site to the top of the page.

4. Strong landing pages to convert visitors into customers.

Google Ads
Google Analytics
Landing Pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is online marketing of the products and services of a business. Services to improve digital marketing include search engine optimisation (SEO), google ads, social media and email marketing.

The average hourly rate is $125-$250 per hour. Projects will often be quoted using a monthly cost which could be under $400 to over $20,000 depending on the size of the project and the services provided. The price can also vary depending on the size of the agency, eg, a larger agency may charge more as they have more overheads.

Digital marketing can be highly targeted to specific users and accurately measured as it is entirely online. For example, imagine trying to count how many sales are received from a physical billboard next to a freeway (traditional marketing). Compare this to counting Google Ad clicks when customers search for your product online (digital marketing).

We do the heavy lifting for you

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1. You contact us

We chat to understand your business goals.

2. We create your campaign

We create a strategy and build your campaign.

3. your campaign goes live

You start seeing results and we report on performance.

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Digital Marketing Bunbury

Digital Marketing Is Especially Important in Bunbury

size Matters

Bunbury has a population of 33,075 and a greater population of 67,090 (including Australind, Leschenault, Eaton, Gelorup, and Stratham).

A small population means less search volume (fewer people searching for your product/service). It’s vitally important that you capture as much traffic as possible.

Building a strong SEO presence in conjunction with Google Ads can deliver more customers to your site.

Bunbury’s small population and competitive business environment demands an excellent website conversion rate (the percentage of people that go to your site then make contact/buy).

The easiest way to increase your conversion rate is with Landing Pages.

Good Digital Marketing

We're All About You

Your Business

We learn about your business to understand your unique selling points.

Your Strengths

Focusing on your unique selling points allows us to define your company and promote your strengths.

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Your Goals

By understanding your goals we get to know what strategy will be best for you. 

Your Results

Your results matter to us. We don't work with many businesses, our philosophy is to do a great job for a select few.

Whether it’s SEO or Google Ads, the sooner you start the sooner you’ll see results.

Our Services

We Help Grow Your Business

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Google Ads Specialist

Our core speciality is small business Google Ads campaigns.

Campaigns for small businesses are be different to medium or large size businesses. As an example, Google Ads now has automated campaigns that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to target an audience and bid for clicks.

As this AI gets smarter and smarter it is becoming more and more effective. However, there are two things that it requires to run well.
1. Accurate tracking.
2. Good volume.

understand what works

Tracking is an often overlooked but essential ingredient for any type of digital marketing.

Tracking allows you to see:
• Which keywords are working.
• What your conversion rate is.
• How much it costs to acquire each customer.

Without tracking you’re simply guessing where your conversions are coming from. In addition, AI won’t understand what to optimise towards.

Good volume

Volume is the number of clicks your campaign captures. The greater the volume the more data the AI can use.

Some small business only get 10 clicks a day. This is not enough to run a successful AI campaign. In this case it’s better to run a manual campaign to achieve a more profitable cost per acquisition.

Our strategy will focus on what works best for your small business.

Continual improvement

We draw upon our deep experience to build your campaign, then test, test, test to continually improve your profits.

Bar graph ascending with an arrow pointing upwards

Small Business SEO

Search Engine Optimisation ranks your website on Google. Ranking higher gets your website more traffic which leads to more revenue for your business.

SEO often seems clouded in mystery. Every business knows they need it, but they don’t really know what happens behind the scenes and what they’re paying for.

We’re a small business too and understand your position. We don’t get you on monthly billings like the big marketing companies. Instead, our SEO package is a once-off payment.

We’ll give you an exact assessment and an exact price.

Be Found

When someone searches for your industry in Bunbury, you want to be at the top of the results.

Every position you rank higher means more visitors to your website. We work hard to improve your ranking and get those customers to your door.

We Plan Your Success

As part of your SEO package, we:
1. Review your website and the SEO performance of your competition.
2. Highlight what can be done to improve your rankings.
3. Implement the changes that are needed.

This process takes around four weeks. SEO works over the medium- to long-term, so putting changes into effect now will see your site traffic drastically improving over the coming months and years.

Landing Pages for Google Ads

With the limited search volume in Bunbury, having a good conversion rate is vitally important. Increase yours with our landing pages.

Increase Leads

Improve your conversion rate

Increase Profits

Increase your return-on-ad-spend

Specialised Service

Designed for Google Ads

Every User Is Important

This page is ok for your website, but if you use it for a Google Ads campaign you risk users navigating away from your goal.


Attention Ratio

The attention ratio of this page is 11:1 which is not good. There are 11 options for the user to click on but only one that will lead them to convert.

A screenshot showing how many links can be on a normal web page
An example web page layout to be used for Google Ads landing pages

Landing Page Difference

On the other hand, this page is an example of a landing page. It’s designed to convert.
– The attention ratio is 1:1. (There are actually 2 options, but both of them are a conversion action.) 

– The “Boost My Business” button stands out as it’s the opposite colour to the background.

– It’s clear what product is being offered and the user can easily understand what’s in it for them.

– There is nothing to distract the user from completing the conversion.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics (GA) to measure your traffic from different channels (eg, organic, Google Ads, social etc).

GA is able to provide a lot of data that can be used to optimise performance. 

Google Tag Manager

We use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to accurately track your conversions. 

Sometimes overlooked by busy business owners, tracking is key to the success of any digital campaign.

Google Search Console

A helpful and free tool from Google that provides information on things such as:
– impressions and clicks for your organic traffic
– tracking and measuring the index status of pages
– receiving messages from Google (amongst other things)

Easy For You

These tools can seem confusing and take time to learn.

We take care of everything to help you save time, reduce stress & increase profits.

Your Results. Our Priority.

Decisions Based On Data

When we run your campaigns we base all of our decisions on data. We optimise towards what’s working to deliver you the best results.

We allow time to focus on your business. We set up your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console for you. 

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Digital Marketing Bunbury

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