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Get more conversions for less with our optimised settings

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√ Good Strategy

Designed for Small Businesses

Google Ads campaigns designed to be cost efficient.

√ Good Results

Improve ROAS

Improve your Return-On-Ad-Spend with more leads for less.

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Honest & Transparent

We build trust through transparency. 

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

Our goal is to grow your revenue. We do this by:

1. Cost: optimised account settings coupled with low fees.

2. Turnaround: work completed quickly so you see rapid results.

3. Staff: over 10 years knowledge and experience in digital marketing.

4. Trust: complete transparency with work and costings.

Value for money
Knowledge & Experince

Google Ads Management

Premium Service, affordable price

1. Google Ads Set Up

Professional creation of your Google Ads account

Price: $799

Your optimised set up will cover:

2. Google Ads Management

Your account continously optimised.

Price: $440 month + GST

Account management includes:

We do the heavy lifting for you

it's easy to see resuts

1. You contact us

We chat to understand your business goals.

2. We create your campaign

We create a strategy and build your campaign.

3. your campaign goes live

You start seeing results and we report on performance.

What Our Clients Say​

Toni O'DeaToni O'Dea
01:23 24 Oct 22
Chris was not only easy to work with...but easy to understand! He made time to find out what my needs were and then helped me understand how to address them.
Nate HunterNate Hunter
00:13 10 Oct 22
GDM designed our website and we are incredibly happy with the result. The site moves smoothly, our SEO is improving, and Chris’s aesthetic and modern website design matches our brand really well. It was a quick process as well, which was an added bonus.
Linette KendleLinette Kendle
01:38 18 Aug 22
Chris from Good Digital Marketing goes above and beyond with his service! I can not express my gratitude enough for not only creating a website that I am extremely happy with but working with Chris is what makes this journey flow with ease with his prompt responses, word press tutorial videos, marketing knowledge and not to mention his kind and friendly approach who listens to your needs and accommodates. Thank you again Chris!
Nicolas KingNicolas King
01:13 09 Jun 22
I highly recommend Chris from Good Digital Marketing Bunbury, i would never use any other service. Since having Chris organise our seo and marketing we have reduced the cost of our online marketing, whilst broadening our reach, increasing our traffic and growing our business. It honestly would not have been possible without having Chris on our team, thank you.We at King Chiropractic especially appreciate the professional yet down to earth approach.Thank you for helping us grow.
Anthony MarionAnthony Marion
22:47 08 Jun 22
You won't regret going with these guys. Chris and the team at Good Digital Marketing did an impressive job building my writing website. They walked me through the entire process from the design stage to final build. And the team optimised the site for Google and other search engines. The post-launch comms with the team is amazing ... always keeping me in the loop with things to help increase my visibility online. An amazing job, guys.

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Google Ads Management Bunbury

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Drive Leads Direct To Your Door

What every Bunbury-based business owner needs to know about driving leads with Google Ads management services.

Google Ads service logo for Digital Marketing Bunbury

Finding new leads and converting more customers is an exciting proposition, but it can be confusing too.

With a diverse number of options on the market—newspaper, tv, radio, social media, and search engines, to name a few—choosing the best platform can be a hard decision.

But, know this: it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Thanks to new digital technologies it has never been easier to find new leads in your location. 

In fact, Australia’s largest companies are turning towards digital in droves.

In 2018-19, Insider Intelligence reports digital advertising spend accounts for 57.1% of all advertising spend in Australia—handsomely beating out traditional media (TV, radio, print). And the trend is only going up.

However, not all digital platforms are created equal.

There is one platform that stands above the rest for lead generation and sales: Google Ads.

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the world’s foremost platform for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

It’s a way for businesses of any size or industry to promote their goods and services in Google’s search page results. It doesn’t stop there.

Google allows you to take it one step further and branch out on their “ecosystem” of products.

Here, you can place ads on YouTube, Google Shopping, and via their display network GDN to reach even more prospective customers. And the best part, the entire process is managed using one single platform.

The nuts and bolts:

Google Ads works on an auction system where you and your competitors bid on certain words and search phrases.

Advertisers (business owners) set a daily budget. Every time a user (prospect) clicks on an ad, a certain amount gets deducted from the daily budget.

Three young guys sitting on chairs discussing a project
A man in an digital marketing office demonstrating elements of Google Ads landing pages to an employee.

How Can Google Ads Help Your Business?

A Google search, in essence, is a person trying to find a solution to a problem. Everything from ‘vegetarian restaurants within a 5km radius’, to ‘emergency 24/7 plumbers in Bunbury’.

How does Google Ads compare to the old… more traditional ways of print? Good question.

Unlike spray-and-pray newspaper and radio advertisers which generally targets anyone in range, Google Ads PPC lets you zero-in on the users searching for your products and services with surgical precision.

What’s more, when done correctly, you can target the same user with different messages to push them along to make a buying decision sooner.

Is Google Ads Suitable For Your Business?

A big resounding YES!

For the majority of businesses, Google Ads can work to drive new leads and red-hot customers to your (digital) door.

But before you dive in head first, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about choosing the best google ads management services for your business.

Man with a beard sitting at a desk working on a computer

Google Ads Manager

Scale Your Business With A Google Ads Manager

With a Google Ad Manager’s expertise, they can get under the hood to fine-tune the account in minute detail while discovering untapped sources of potential new customers.

Not only does this help scale your business faster but it also gives you a constant edge—perfect if you’re in a high-competing industry.

Google ads Company

How A Google Ads Company Can Help You Drum Up New Business

If you’re busy talking to customers, managing staff, and reviewing the books, you may not have the time or dedicated resources to managing Google Ads campaigns and reports.

Even small-budget campaigns require attention and nurturing to eke out maximum performance.

But when you have an expert team of ads managers by your side, they do all the heavy lifting for you, make all necessary changes to ensure new leads keep filing in and manage the process end-to-end.

Your only job will be following up on the new leads.

Google Ads

The beauty of Google ads PPC is that it has an instant impact on your web traffic.

A single ad, positioned on page one, can drive more traffic than if your website is buried on the second or third page of Google.

High Quality

Rather than showing your website to just anyone, you can direct your message to swarms of users with pinpoint accuracy 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Your website will capture new high-quality traffic, but also, you’ll be attracting the right leads.

Google Ads Consultant

Increase Your Sales With Google Ads Consultants By Your Side, Every Step Of The Way

At Good Digital Marketing, our passion is developing high quality, high performing PPC campaigns for businesses located in Bunbury.

We partner with you every step of the way, to ensure long-lasting results for your business.

We focus on your leads and provide you top-tier Google Ads management services so you can drive more leads and sell faster.

Our areas of expertise include:

· Text Ads:
· Responsive search ads
· Call only ads
· Google Shopping Ads
· Google Display Network (GDN)

Google Ads Expert

When you partner with local a Google Ads PPC Management like Good Digital Marketing, our focus is on your business.

We focus on every aspect of your digital marketing success from start-to-finish.

Whether you want to improve your current set-up or start from scratch, the Google ads experts at Good Digital Marketing can help.

Good Digital Marketing

We're All About You

Your Business

We learn about your business to understand your unique selling points.

Your Strengths

Focusing on your unique selling points allows us to define your company and promote your strengths.

Man smiling happy from good digital marketing Bunbury results

Your Goals

By understanding your goals we get to know what strategy will be best for you. 

Your Results

Your results matter to us. We don't work with many businesses, our philosophy is to do a great job for a select few.

Google Ads Specialist

Get Immediate Results With Your Own Google Ads Specialist

Our team of Google Ads Specialists have the essential skills to understand your marketing needs.

Unlike most Google Ad agencies that solely focus on getting people to click, we understand that this click means nothing if it doesn’t convert into a phone call, email, or direct sale.

At Good Digital Marketing, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to tracking down your ideal customer.

At our disposal, we tap into Google search data, review key metrics, and use bidding strategies that drive ROI as far as possible.

It’s safe to say our expert team takes Google Ads PPC management to the next level.

Start Generating More Leads Now

How To Save $400 On Your Google Ads

If you read this far it’s clear you’re serious about capturing new leads and growing your revenue.

For August 2022, we are offering a special discount to all businesses in Bunbury… a HUGE saving to the tune of $400 for your Google Ads set up.

That’s right, instead of paying $799, for just $399 you can have a fully operational Google Ads PPC account set-up and running by industry experts.

With our Google Ads Management expertise, we can get your business’s ads on the number one page of Google, reduce your lead acquisitions costs, and tap into more potential customers.

This $399 offer is strictly limited to the first 2 business owners who book on the link below.

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